Lighting areas

Light up your room in several ways depending on the players progress.

Deep dark, light flash, colors… Each zone can be set on the go during the game.

Audio zones

Install a different soundscape for every room, activate an alarm on a specific loudspeaker…

Each sound can be broadcasted in one or several zones, with different effects and volumes.

Many effects can be applied dynamically (compression, low pass, echo…).


Stream on old CRT TVs, an intercom screen, or your room walls.

Fasten playback speed, change sound volume or apply effects based on player actions (blur, light intensity, etc.).

Stage equipment

Control any stage equipment thanks to the support of DMX protocol.

Highlight your room’s atmosphere with smoke machines, send a geyser as players pass or aim for a specific spot with moving heads.


Ask us for complex effects mixing sounds, lights, videos and other elements in the room.

They can be automatically triggered by player actions (button, passage through a door, puzzle solving, etc.)

Manual control

Give your game-master full control over the scenography by allowing him to launch complex effects from a single click, such as lighting changes or jump scares.